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Thursday, October 9th

 Morning Services: 10:00 AM  

 Shake the Lulav and Etrog 

 Kiddush & Lunch in the Sukkah: 12:00 PM 


Shabbat, October 11th                                                           

 Morning Services:10:00 AM   

 Kiddush & Lunch in the Sukkah: 12:00 PM  


 Friday, October 17th

 Morning Services: 10:00 AM

 Dancing with the Torah:  11:30 AM

 Kiddush & Lunch : 12:00 PM 


Please feel free to enter our Sukkah at any time next to the "Village Shul" and do a blessing over the Lulav & Etrog set (instructions will be left in the Sukkah together with a set of the 4 species).