Dear Friends,

We have recently received a beautiful new Yartzheit Memorial board in our Synagogue. This Board was donated by Mr. Jack Davis in memory of his beloved parents Nathan and Gertie Davis.

The elegant memorial plaque board is a distinguished, reverent way of paying respect and tribute to the memories of our dear departed loved ones, showing as it does the prominent places they occupy in our place of worship and in our hearts.  

Names inscribed on the plaque will have their Yahrtzeit observed in the following manner:

  • A letter will be mailed each year with a reminder of the day of the Yahrtzeit.
  • The memorial bulb will be lit during the week of the yahrtzeit and for all Yizkor Services.

The cost for inscription on a bronze nameplate is $360.

For more information or assistance, please call 805-499-7051


Sample Plaque  tzi2.jpg

DONOR INFORMATION (individual ordering the plaque)
First name    State
Last name   Zip
Address   Email
City   Phone
I would like to dedicate  plaque/s at $360 per name/plaque.
Please inscribe the following name on the memorial tablet:
Last Name   Last Name
First Name   First Name
Hebrew Name   Hebrew Name
Father's Hebrew Name   Father's Hebrew Name
Date of Passing
  Date of Passing
After dark? Yes   No   After dark? Yes   No
Please send Yahrtzeit cards to the following people on the yahrtzeit:
Name   Full Address
Name   Full Address
(Alternatively you may print this form and mail with a check to Chabad of Newbury Park, 350 Via las Brisas #110 )
Name on card   Amount to be charged
Card Number   Card Type  
Exp. Date   CVV Code  3 digits on back of card